Conference Pear

Conference Pear

Fruiting Tree in 4.5ltr pot

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We have managed to produce a dwarfing tree of this most famous pear - named after it won the best entry in a competition at a fruit conference in London over 100 years ago. Very easy to maintain and giving lovely crops of the country's favourite pear.


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Botanical name: Pyrus domestica "Conference"
Ideal location & conditions: Partial shade or sun
Size after 5 years: 1m x 75cm
Soil: Soil based compost with added grit and stone but with good water retention Flowering colour: White
Flowering period: Late March/early April
Fruit harvest period: Early/mid September

We do like a good story about our fruit, here at Terrace Fruits HQ, and the Conference Pear provides a real cracker.

Let us go back to 1885 - the first successful appendectomy is performed; Carl Benz patents the first Water Cooled Internal Combustion Engine; Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera the Mikado is performed at the Savoy Theatre and.....the National Pear Conference takes place at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Great Vinery at Chiswick.

This last ambitious event was to find the very best pear varieties grown in the United Kingdom. One of those nurserymen exhibiting was the already very well known Thomas Rivers of Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire. They had raised seedlings from the French amateur breeder Leon Leclerc, who raised fruit near to Mayenne on the River Loire. Thomas Rivers’ entry was awarded a Gold Medal and in a moment of marketing genius, they named it Conference! The rest, as they say, is history!

Conference has richly deserved all its accolade around the globe. It makes a very good Patio tree indeed, being relatively dwarfing in its growing habit and will easily form the fruiting spurs that are so important for good pear crops. Pears are very long lasting indeed and these trees are just as happy planted straight into the garden where they will give crops year after year after year.

Grow a piece of history in your very own garden and celebrate the Conference winner!

Five reasons to plant a Conference Pear:

• It's an historic Gold medal winner!
• Superb variety to grow on the patio or terrace
• Abundant fruit to pick from early Autumn
• Eat straight off the tree, in the bath or bake in your favourite culinary delight
• Grow your own piece of history in your garden