Grape Vines

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“The juice of the grape is the liquid quintessence of concentrated sunbeams.” - Thomas Love Peacock.

Dear old Thomas was spot on.  Grapes above, perhaps, any other fruits seem to hold each and every hour of the summer’s sun that swelled them from the tiny pin head fruitlets born after flowering to magnificent orbs of sugar filled juice. They are a delight and growing them in your own garden brings a joy to your life.

Grape vines are not for pot growing and need a good run of soil and all the water and nutrients that the soil provides. They are, however, perfect for the Terrace or Patio when used to grow up an arbour or trellis. For summer shade, there is nothing to beat them as they will not come into leaf until late April or early May, allowing those precious early spring sunshine rays to warm us gently without shadow. As the days lengthen and the sun beats down stronger, the leaves grow quickly and provide that marvellous dappled shade that makes the fierce heat of Summer a delight to sit in.

Grapes are very easy to grow, and our varieties are especially easy as they do not suffer form the fungal diseases that so many other varieties do. The leaf stays perfect and if you enjoy Greek food, then you have a ready supply of vine leaves to stuff.

The crops can be prodigious, and you will soon have enough to eat fresh, press for juice or perhaps, something else a little more exciting?!

Boskoop glory and phoenix crop

5 Reasons to Grow Grape Vines

🍷 Wine (of course!)

🍇 Freshly picked bunches of grapes to serve with new season Stilton Cheese

😋 The joy of a pip spitting contest

☂ The perfect sunshade and screen

😎 Bringing memories of sun drenched holidays when the days seemed endless.