Fig Trees

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Figs are special, that’s for sure, and a real must for the garden however small a spot you call your own. They are delicious; a taste of the exotic, and they are not even a fruit, but an inverted flower! Yep, that’s right, when you eat a fig, you are eating a flower inside out.

Figs suit pot growing really well as they respond to the restrictions of a pot by producing larger numbers of figletts. Yes you did read that correctly, little figs are called 'figletts'! That does not mean that you can get away with a fig growing in a small size pot though - you need to be able to provide a pot of at least 15 litres for the first couple of years and then move up to a 25 or 30 litre pot for the rest of its life. If you can provide lots of sun and the right sized pot, then you will be really well rewarded for your efforts for many years.

Figs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; fat, thin, long, short, green, red, brown, black and striped. You can slice them, dry them, jam then and chutney them.  Best of all though, you can eat them straight off the tree in the early evening when the figs have just started to split and beads of sweet delicate flavoured juice are seeping out.  All that's left to do is to imagine you're on some exotic island location..... enjoy!