Apple and Pear Trees

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“Hang on my old son,  I just need to go down the old apples and pears”

The apple and pear are so much a part of our lives in Britain that they make up one of the most well known Cockney rhyming slang phrases.  And quite right too! The UK provides one of the finest climates in the world for both apple and pear growing. 

The range of apple is almost unlimited with over 8,000 known varieties in the UK. They can have colourful skins that can range from black as night to as white as a sheet with everything in between. Apple can be sweet to a point beyond honey or so acidic and sour that they are inedible to anything and will strip paint! They can range from huge  (up to 2 kg), to so tiny that 100 would not weigh a gram. They are as versatile in their eating as any other fruit in the world, From apple pie to tarte tatin. From apple-fool to apple dumplings.  From lip smacking cider to blissfully refreshing apple juice.  Pop one in your pocket as you leave for work and just munch when you fancy. The perfect snack food for a busy life.  They are crunchy; they are delicious. 

They are grown on every unfrozen continent in the world and every single one can be traced back to their birthplace in what we now recognise as Kazakhstan. They are, in truth, amazing.

So what could possibly compliment apples?   Pears, that’s what!  

What the apple is to Britain, then the pear is to France. They refer to them as the Fruit of Kings. Strange for a nation that decided to become a republic!  But the French are right, the pear is truly the Fruit of Kings.  I know of nothing that can compare with perfectly ripe fruits of pear. That amazing sweetness and perfect balance of sugar and acidity. The melting flesh that just disappears on the tongue. The juice, the perfume, the shape. Pears are just perfect and at Terrace Fruits, we love em’! 

Pear crumble, Pears poached in wine, Pear Helena, Pear and Almond upside-down cake - every one a culinary delight!  But, above all, the way to eat a pear is without cooking them, with the one you love, and if you get the chance, in the bath with the one you love. Take it from us - pears can change your life!

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5 Reasons to Grow Apple & Pear Trees

😷 An apple a day keeps the doctor away

🌲🌴 You can train an apple tree into any shape you can think of

💃 Become a temptress and re-enact the Adam thing all over again

👩‍👧‍👦 Plant pears for your Heirs; they will always be grateful

🐦 If you have a pear tree, then all you will need is a partridge and you have your very own Christmas Carol in the garden.!