Cherry, Gage & Plum

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Those first few sunny days of April herald the miracle of cherry and plum trees in bloom. Pure white blooms opening their petals wide. The start of the journey from flower to fruit, and what magnificent fruits they will grow into! Cherry - the earliest of the two; ready from mid-June, red, ripe and just the right size to pop in the mouth.  An explosion of taste; sweet, juicy, melting, brilliant in every way.  It’s no wonder that the cherry is voted the UK’s favourite fruit.

June turns to July and we are then blessed with plums in abundance. Red, yellow, purple, black, green and orange. What an array, and oh so versatile - jams, pies, tarts, pickles and just plain fresh, straight off the tree. Delicious! Plums conjure up memories of our grand-parents' gardens and greengrocers' displays....... nostalgia overload!

And what about greengages?!  Oh my goodness - when did you last buy those in the shops? The fruits maybe small, but BOY! do they pack a punch of sugar sweet flavour. There is nothing quite like them, especially if you pick them straight from your own trees.

Relive those memories and experience new sensations with our pocket sized plum, greengage and cherry trees that will give fruit aplenty. Even if you only have a small balcony to plant up, you can still enjoy these delicious treats.