Peach, Nectarine & Apricot

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Peach, Nectarine & Apricot

Pick a softening apricot, peach or nectarine off the tree after the sun has warmed it throughout the day, bite into their silky soft flesh..........and then wonder why you just changed into a clean shirt?! That's the moment when you realise that growing stone fruits was the right decision to make, despite your now sticky shirt!

In botanical terms, there is almost no difference between Peach or Nectarine, and it's only a short step to Apricot. In terms of growing them in the garden, they are very much the same. Easy to grow and full to the brim with tastiness. It's a win win!

If you have lots of sun (and a little time), then potted 'stone fruit' is most rewarding.  It's not just the melting flesh of a ripe Nectarine or Peach, or the heaven sent perfume of a ripe Apricot that boarder on the sublime, the shocking pink blossoms in early spring are a real delight and create a stunning display. When they appear, then you know that Spring is just around the corner and the first BBQ of the year is just a sausage away!

For regular large crops (and when the flowers often come out when the days are still quite short), spending a couple of lunch times when the sun is at its warmest, going from flower to flower with a very soft brush (a bit like a bee), is time very well spent!

Eating apricots, peaches or nectarines from your own garden is a special experience. Well worth the effort of growing them, and certainly worth the effort of changing that shirt yet again!

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5 Reasons to Grow Stone Fruits

🍰 Apricot jam in the middle of a Victoria sponge

🌸 The beauty of shocking pink blossoms on an early Spring Day.

🍸 Drinking a Bellini made with crushed Nectarines and Peaches you have grown and not wasting it on anyone else.

🍨 Eating a real Peach Melba for the first time. 

🐝 Making like a bee and buzzing around a flower at lunch time and forgetting everything else for a few moments.