Citrus Trees

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What other fruit has the aroma, flavour and versatility of citrus fruit? What other fruit has the ability to transport you to sunnier shores? Attractive ever-green trees, they are a brilliant addition to any garden, terrace or even balcony.

A citrus tree needs 4 – 6 hours of direct sunlight a day but lend themselves to pot growing because they do not have an extensive rooting system. Once you have potted them up into a bigger pot, they will be happy for years. They need a little protection in winter, but only in really severe winters would you need to bring them indoors.

As ever, our citrus are chosen for flavour and aroma. So whether you want a leaf from your Combava (Kafir) Lime for your Thai Green Curry, a slice of Meyer Lemon for your G&T or a sprinkle of citrus pearls from your Caviar Lime, we have something for you. Don’t forget how fragrant the leaves are; you can use them too!