Victoria Plum

Victoria Plum

Fruiting Tree in 4.5ltr pot

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The most famous plum in the world and rightly so. Easy to crop, easy to care for and so easy to eat! The fruits are delicious when eaten raw or when made into jam. For something really special, make a Victoria Plum Tarte Tatin. Heaven on a plate!


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Botanical name: Prunus domestica "Victoria"
Ideal location & conditions: Full Sun
Size after 5 years: 1.25m x 50cm
Soil: Soil based compost with added grit.
Flowering colour: Pure white
Flowering period: Late March- early April
Fruit harvest period: Mid - late August 

If you have room for just one tree in your garden, however small, then a Victoria plum is the one to go for. Sweet, juicy, melting, laden with fruit year after year and all round drop dead gorgeous delicious! It is hardly surprising that for more than one hundred years it has been the biggest selling fruit tree in the UK.

The plum first hit the pages in the nursery garden catalogues around 1837 and was first referred to as Denyer’s Victoria, probably in respect to the young Queen, but that is only a guess. Its reputation for taste and versatility soon spread and before you knew it, the trees were popping up everywhere.

As a variety it’s really easy to crop. Firstly it's self-fertile so does not need a special pollinator for the fruit to set. All that being said, like most of us we improve with friends around us so your chances of a really good crop of fruits every year are increased if there is another plum nearby. You could of course buy another one from us?! 

Another great benefit is that as a plum variety, it doesn't grow very large and the branches natural habit is to weep down which makes it really easy to pick the fruits, rather than some wild critter scoffing them all just as they are ripe.

By grafting them onto a fancy sounding rootstock, we've made them even smaller for you so that they easily fit on your balcony, patio or terrace,. You don’t need to worry about all that, but if you do want to know more, then I can go on for hours about all the technical stuff and happily will. Just e-mail me.

Of course it’s not just the fruit that brings you joy, in the spring you have a mass of white flowers which the busy bees just love. They wiz around going from flower to flower and poke their noses into each one, transferring a tiny little bit of pollen until Bob's Your Uncle, a plum is born!

If you have nothing else to do on a Saturday in April when the sun is out and you are feeling spring like, then take the most expensive blusher brush you can find and make like a bee. You will double your crop and save dear old Bumble a whole load of wing flaps.

In the end though its mid to late August that really counts. Picking and eating time at last! Victoria Plum Jam, Plum Crumble, Plums poached in White Wine or just plain and simple perfectly ripe fruits picked straight off your own tree whilst the sun is still warm on them. Heaven in a single bite!