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Advice: For the Citrus Lover in Springtime (with unhappy looking citrus!)

William Sibley

Spring sees most of our fruit plants looking at their best with wonderful shows of blossom and a brand-new suit of lush green leaves. Not so the citrus plants, which take the lengthening days and wildly fluctuating temperatures of a typical UK spring to shed their leaf and all in all, begin to look just a tad scruffy. Read on to find out more about the miracle yet to come!

Pest Control: Cherry Blackfly

William Sibley

It’s Cherry Blackfly time!!! Batten down the hatches, put on your tin hats, or as my dear old Mum used to do in the Blitz - wear a colander on your head! Gird your loins and take evasive action. 

Spring: seasonal advice for fruit tree growers

William Sibley

As Spring arrives with some warmth and longer daylight, fruit plants are beginning to start to move with both blossom and growth buds swelling up and coming into flower. This is the most critical time of the year for the fruit grower, both amateur and professional, as the open flowers are at great risk from frosts which will damage the reproductive parts of the flower and kill off any chances of a fruit crop.

Growing Guide: How to plant and care for Stone Fruit

Will Sibley

Stone Fruits blossom about three to four weeks earlier than Apples and Pears. This puts stone fruit at greater risk of frost damage during blossom. Special attention should be made to find areas in the garden which are less likely to suffer spring frosts.  When the trees are blossoming and if frost is forecast, the use of horticultural fleece can be very useful in protecting the delicate flowers.