Fruiting Tree in 5ltr pot

May to February


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Prized for its oil, this distinctive citrus harks from the Southern Italian region of Calabria. You may be more familiar with it as the essential ingredient in Earl Grey Tea. Also commonly found in a variety of cosmetics & soaps etc as well as boasting various health benefits. It is now increasingly finding favour back in chef's kitchens using zest and juice to impart wonderful citrus flavour. If you are fond of a Spritz, try an Italicus spritz with a slice of homegrown Bergamot as a garnish.


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Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Ideal location & conditions: Full sun and sheltered position
Size after 5 years: 1m x 75cm
Soil: Very well drained John Innes No.3. Add additional grit and stone
Flower colour: Creamy white with violet centre
Flowering period: June - October
Fruit harvest period: November - March