Finger Lime Fruit

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Finger Lime: Add Exotic Flavour to Your Garden and Kitchen

William Sibley

Discover the tantalising burst of citrus that's taking the culinary world by storm: the Caviar Lime, or 'Finger Lime'! These deliciously different fruits are zesting up dishes from high-end French cuisine to Californian favourites. Peek inside and see why they're lauded as the "caviar" of citrus! Better yet, thanks to their adaptability to UK climate, you can grow your very own Finger Lime tree right on your patio.

The Great British Olive - Can We Really Grow Olives in the UK?

P Thompson

Escape the autumn gloom and join me on a Sicilian olive-picking adventure. Learn why I spent half-term amongst the lizards and snakes harvesting olives - and how it's helping our mission to produce English extra virgin olive oil.

Liz's Marmalade Recipe

William Sibley

I don’t use anyone else's recipe, I've made my own one up as I've gone along!  There are many out there you can choose from, but this one works for me. I tend to mix all varieties from our garden so Lemon, lime, kumquat, orange, calamondin etc all go into making my marmalade.

Tricks of the trade for marmalade lovers

William Sibley

Now that we are down to just nine jars left from last January’s boilings, and there are none hidden for emergencies, there is a touch of panic setting in with occasional night sweats. Liz calms me down assuring me that “all will be well” as the citrus fruits are now ripening and picking has already begun here in our corner of sunny Essex.