Growing Guide: How to plant and care for Apple and Pear Trees

Growing Guide: How to plant and care for Apple and Pear Trees

Will Sibley

Pop an apple in your pocket as you leave for work and just munch when you fancy. The perfect snack food for a busy life.  They are crunchy, they are delicious. And what could possibly compliment apples? Pears! 

Read our guide below to help you on your apple and pear growing journey and really enjoy the 'fruits' of your labour.


Apples and pears can be grown and trained in many different ways. The planting distance will depend on which style of tree you wish to grow.

These can range from a spacing of 75cms apart for Oblique Cordons, 1.5 metres for Dwarf Pyramid and Central Leader trees. If growing an Open Centre Bush, Espalier or Fan Trained tree a spacing of 2 meters is recommended.

As a general rule, do not plant closer that 75cms between Apple and Pear trees and do not plant closer than 1.5 meters from a hedge or other shrubs.


There are very many pruning styles which can be followed from very formal trained trees, to much more free growing styles. Each requires a certain type of pruning which may also cover different seasons of the year. There are many very good books available detailing pruning and care and we strongly suggest that you refer to one of these to fully enjoy your fruit trees.  We think The Fruit Expert Book by Dr G.G Hessayon is a very good guide for both the beginner and experienced fruit grower .


Many varieties of Apple and Pear will set a crop if planted on its own, but this crop will be significantly improved if planted alongside a nearby suitable pollinator. Growing more than one variety offers other benefits as both trees will crop fruit, and a larger choice of fruit to enjoy from your garden.  Each variety in our mail order catalogue will give details of a suitable pollination partner if required.

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