Growing Guide: How to plant and care for Stone Fruit

Growing Guide: How to plant and care for Stone Fruit

Will Sibley

Cherry, Plum, Apricot, Peach.

If you have lots of sun, and a little time then potted “stone fruit” is most rewarding.  In addition to the joy eating a peach or a nectarine from your own garden will bring you, the shocking pink blossoms in early spring is a real delight and a stunning display. When they appear, then you know that spring is just around the corner. Read our guide below to help you on your stone fruit growing journey.


Stone Fruits blossom about three to four weeks earlier than Apples and Pears. This puts stone fruit at greater risk of frost damage during blossom. Special attention should be made to find areas in the garden which are less likely to suffer spring frosts.  When the trees are blossoming and if frost is forecast, the use of horticultural fleece can be very useful in protecting the delicate flowers.

Planting Distances

If growing a Conventional Bush tree, this should be planted 3 meters apart whereas those grown as a Fan-Trained Tree should be spaced 4m apart.  The minimum distance between trees should be 2 meters and from a hedge or shrubs 2.5 meters.


Stone fruit should only be pruned between the end of April and the middle of September. This is essential to prevent the spread of both bacterial and fungal disease, such as Silver Leaf and Bacterial Canker.

Additional care

Most stone fruit is very susceptible to bird damage as the fruit is ripening. It is strongly suggested that netting is placed over the trees from the end of May to help prevent this.

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