Spiral Olive Tree

Spiral Olive Tree

Standard tree in 5ltr pots

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For centuries designers have finished their pieces of art with a flourish and gardeners are no exception. The spiral olive make the perfect finale to beds and boarders and in particular, to Terraces and Patios. Set at the side of steps or at a natural entrance to the Terrace, these very easy-to-look-after Olea europaea trees fascinate. Taking several years in our nurseries to develop this unique shape, they will give a lifetime of pleasure.


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Botanical name: Olea europaea
Ideal location & conditions:  Full sun and sheltered from cold winds
Size after 5 years:  2m x 0.75m
Soil:  Well drained soil with medium grit and stone  
Flowering colour: Cream 
Flowering period:  May/June
Fruit harvest period:  November/December