Sibley's Patio Quince

Sibley's Patio Quince

Fruiting Tree in 4.5ltr pot

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From the first time fruit grower to one with years of experience, our Patio Quince is the ideal tree to plant in either a pot or in the open ground. Full of character and providing large golden apple shaped fruits, it will impress friends and win you a rosette at the local horticultural show. Place the fruits in your house and fill the room with the heady scent.


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Botanical name: Cydonia oblonga "Sibley's"
Ideal location & conditions: Sun and partial shade
Size after 5 years: 1m x 1m
Soil: Soil based compost with grit. Additional water retaining substrate, if possible
Flowering colour: Very pale pink
Flowering period: April - May
Fruit harvest period: Late October

“They dined on mince and slices of quince which they ate with a runcible spoon” - Edward Lear.

We cannot supply you a runcible spoon, but we can certainly supply you with a Quince tree!

If this is the first time you are trying to grow fruit, then Quince has to be your starting point. They are so easy to grow, look after and to crop, and if you are experienced, then Quince will remind you of why you took up gardening!

They are a native of the countries surrounding the Caspian Sea, so it thrives in conditions of cold winters and hot summers…..but don’t we all?! Quince also loves damp soil around its roots, and for the majority of commonly grown fruits, that is a rarity.

The tree is quite dwarfing in its habit, and with a little attention, a tree of ten years can easily be maintained to one metre high. They have the loveliest pale pink blossom which unfurl in a spiral and are a delight to watch as the sun hits the tree. The leaf is a perfect shade of pale green and heart shaped in Spring, becoming dark green and rounded as the year progresses. The autumn leaf is every shade of yellow you can imagine, and they hang on until nearly Christmas.

Of course, it’s the fruit you are really after and what a delight they are. Our trees give round Quince, which are a golden colour with a superb furry bloom across the fruits. The taste is typical and is brilliant mixed with apple or pear in a tart or better still, in a Tarte Tatin. With all this potential, it is completely understandable why Quince is so popular with the posh chefs. All in all, it’s a must for the garden, patio, terrace or balcony.

Five reasons to plant a Quince:

• Fantastic golden round fruits in little fur coats
• The blossoms in Spring are as good as anything in the garden
• So easy to grow successfully
• You can scour the charity shops for a “runcible spoon” and read some Edward Lear!
• Makes a Tarte Tatin just that little bit more special