Rosciola Olive Tree

Rosciola Olive Tree

Standard tree in 5ltr pots

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Like Ascolana, Rosciola is another vigorous and upright growing tree, and is claimed by the Lazio region of Italy. Unlike the other more purple varieties at early harvest, Rosciola derives its name from the pink hue it develops as it ripens. Cold hardy and productive, it is considered dual purpose so olives are used for both table olives and for pressing for oil. Leaf colour is a slightly darker green than the more silvery Ascolana and Frantoio and produces medium sized drupes. This variety will be part of the 3rd grove we are planting on the farm.


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Botanical name: Olea europaea
Ideal location & conditions: Full sun and sheltered from cold winds
Size after 5 years: 2m x 0.75m
Soil: Well drained soil with medium grit and stone
Flowering colour: Cream
Flowering period: May/June
Fruit harvest period: November/December