Red William Pear

Red William Pear

Fruiting Tree in 4.5ltr pot

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The French love their pears and so they gave one the full title of William bon Chretien, William the Good Christian. I am not too sure of the fine deeds that earned the name, but goodness it's a great pear to eat and this one has a little extra magic as it has a bright red skin. It has the same wonderful flavour as William but just looks a whole lot brighter! If you have any American heritage, you might also know this one as the Bartlett Pear.


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Botanical name: Pyrus domestica "William bon Chretien"
Ideal location & conditions: Partial shade or sun
Size after 5 years: 1m x 75cm
Soil: Soil based compost with added grit and stone but with good water retention Flowering colour: White
Flowering period: Late March/early April
Fruit harvest period: Late August/early September