Boskoop Glory Grape Vine

Boskoop Glory Grape Vine

Vine in 4.5ltr pot
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Green waste/spent mushroom

Very Easy

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This is about the easiest grape variety to grow and enjoy. Disease resistant with self thinning bunches that produce bunches upon bunches of sweet juice graMakes perfect juice or enjoy freshpes. This variety thrives outside and requires little more than a place to climb and find the sun. . For something a little different dry them on a very low oven and use in your Christmas cake!


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Botanical name: Vitis "Boskoop Glory"
Ideal location & conditions: Full sun/partial shade. Not For pot growing
Size after 5 years: 3m
Soil: A wide range of good garden soils with added stone, if possible
Flowering colour: Green
Flowering period: June
Fruit harvest period: Late September/early October