Ascolana Olive Tree

Ascolana Olive Tree

Standard tree in 5ltr pots

All year


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A later addition to our collection, this variety produces large drupes early in its life. Considered relatively cold hardy in Italy, it is grown across a number of regions, particularly its home region of Marche (although who knows where beforehand) and Tuscany. Upright growing and later flowering, it will also benefit from pollinator varieties such as Frantoio and Rosciolana alongside. The larger fruits mean this variety lends itself to use as a table olive rather than for oil.


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Botanical name: Olea europaea
Ideal location & conditions:  Full sun and sheltered from cold winds
Size after 5 years:  2m x 0.75m
Soil:  Well drained soil with medium grit and stone  
Flowering colour: Cream 
Flowering period:  May/June
Fruit harvest period:  November/December