Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

Fruiting Tree in 5ltr pot

All year


Noun flower 889434 green


The Californian's lemon of choice. An attractive plant with large dark green leaves, prized for its golden/orange thin skinned. Lemons with greater sweetness and depth of flavour compared to a 'normal' lemon. Perfect with a G&T, served alongside fish or in a killer lemon tart.


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Botanical name: Citrus meyeri
Ideal location & conditions: Full sun or partial shade. Protect from temperatures below +3c with protective covers or by placing in a frost free building but not the centrally heated house - EVER!!! A wooden shed or garage is sufficient. As soon as the temperature is above +3c then bring back out into the open
Size after 5 years: 75cm x 50cm if grown in a pot.
Soil: Very well drained John Innes No.3. Add additional grit and stone
Flower colour: White with violet centres
Flowering period: July - November
Fruit harvest period: November - March