Wall Trained Peach “Avalon Pride”.


Now the leading peach variety in the UK due to its excellent resistance to peach leaf curl, Avalon Pride makes a superb fan trained tree for the south or southwest facing aspects of the terrace or patio. The lovely dark pink blossoms in mid to late March give a hint of the spring and summer to come, whilst the fruits picked in a mid- August evening after a day of warm sunshine are one of nature’s blessings.

Avalon Pride makes the successful growing of peaches in the UK a reality for even inexperienced gardeners. It is a tree of medium vigour, and will very happily grow in a 2m wall or fence space.

Trees are  supplied as either bare root or potted in 4.5l pots depending on the season.

At delivery, the trees are 1.2m plus with feathers.

The image shows an Avalon Pride tree in spring after 7 years.

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