The Versailles Collection


The Versailles Collection.

The ''Versailles Collection'' consists of 1 Terrace Calamondine, 1 Terrace Orange Bigardier & 1 Terrace Lemon Eureka. These 3 plants perfectly complement each other, bringing together the classic style of the famous Palace of  Versailles citrus terrace.

Terrace Calamondine.

This almost perfectly rounded shaped citrus produce large numbers of small rounded fruits which whilst cannot really be described as of dessert quality do make and excellent culinary treat. The bright orange Calamondine fruits follow on from the show of pure white blossoms which fill the air with their heady perfume. The very glossy leaves have a very strong perfume and picking and tearing a few leaves into a bowl give a wonderfully refreshing scent to the dining room. Try Calamondine marmalade for a delightful breakfast experience.

Terrace Orange Bigardier.

Bigardier is a sour orange which yields large yellow fruits reminiscent in shape and size of a grapefruit. The fruits although not sweet enough to eat raw as a dessert fruit, make wonderful marmalade and a fantastic orange sauce to go perfectly with duck. We selected this variety due to its high tolerance to UK climatic conditions and particularly to lower temperatures. A rarity among citrus plants. Bigardier has also been selected for its very symmetric and rounded growing characteristics. When in flower, the pure white blossoms are held in profusion during mid summer and fill the air on warm evenings when the strong and sweet scent drifts on the light breezes.

Terrace Lemon Eureka.

This very popular variety of lemon performs very well in UK conditions, giving surprisingly large fruits which are sure to impress! Beautifully scented white blossom gives way to large fruits which are as good as any lemons money can buy. They are particularly good in Lemon Curd, Lemon Meringue Pie and of course in a G&T! The leaves which are very glossy can also be used in cooking.  Infuse a couple of leaves broken in half with hot water for a delightful lemon tea.

Product Details:

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.
Approximate height at delivery: 60-80cm.

Suggested plant size after 5 years: 1m high and 75cm spread.

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