Terrace Plum “Victoria”.


Britain’s favourite fruit tree can now be grown on your patio or terrace, bringing the delights of the Victoria plum to those with the very smallest of gardens or those with elegant sweeping terraces.

Given a good sized pot and a support stake our Victoria plum trees will give years of pleasure and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits which our grandparents remember and speak of with such fondness. Victoria plum sets a very good crop without additional pollination, but a Terrace Greengage companion will ensure even better crops.

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.
Approximate height when delivered 60-80cm.

Suggested plant size after 5 years: 1m high and 1m spread.

The image shows the Terrace Plum Victoria as a 3yr old tree holding over 50 fruits.

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