Terrace Peach “Avalon Pride”.


Surely one of life's little luxuries is to pick and eat your own  grown peaches on a warm summer evening whilst sipping a little glass of something?  The Peach is perhaps the most desirable of all the fruits to grow in the UK  however it can also be the most disappointing!

Peach Leaf Curl has plagued UK peach growing for many years, decimating peach trees leaving them with terribly distorted leaves and dying branches. To avoid disappointment we identified a leaf curl resistant variety Avalon Pride, which bares crops of delicious large peaches with yellow flesh .

Over several years of selection we have adapted Avalon Pride for terrace growing by marrying it to a dwarf peach rootstock, creating the perfect Terrace Peach which possess all the resistant qualities of Avalon Pride.

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.
Approximate height when delivered 60-80cm.

After 7 years Terrace Peach "Avalon Pride" will have attained a height of 1 m and with an 80cm spread.

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