Patio Nectarine Madame Blanchette


A white fleshed nectarine is a joy at any time, but when its picked straight from your own tree by the side of your garden chair on the terrace, its an even bigger one!  

Madame Blanchette is an old well known variety which we have married together with  a dwarfing rootstock we found hidden away in the French Alpes.  The two produce a tree which we are really thrilled to offer.  It is a most precocious tree giving 10 fruits in the year of planting following some careful pollinating of the flowers in the spring with a soft brush. (Buzzing like a bee as you go from flower to flower is optional but its good fun!) 

The tree growth is lush green with excellent shaped leaves which hide the fruits until they swell to tennis ball proportions.  Enjoy the fruits after a warm day in the sun, Pick and eat immediately for pure bliss! 

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