Terrace Nectarine.


Nectarines have for many years been an exciting addition to the home grown fruit bowl. Although susceptible to peach leaf curl, with careful protection from winter rains our variety will provide large size white fleshed nectarines which are very sweet. 

The delightful pink blossoms in early spring give a vivid display which are very attractive to early flighting bees at a time when little food is available to them.

Picked when warm after a hot summer day, the nectarines melting flesh and honey sweet juice make for a decadent evening when slices are dipped in a chilled glass of sparkling Saumur wine.

The trees are supplied in 4.5l nursery pots with a supporting cane.

The height of the tree when delivered is between 40 - 60cm

Tree height after 7 years will be no more than 1 m.

Image shows a tree in soil after 10 years. It is less than 1m in height.

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