Terrace Gage “Manning’s Selection”.


Greengages are for many of us the finest flavoured fruits that grace our  kitchens and fruit bowls. Although sometimes viewed as not the most visually appealing fruits, once tasted that perception disappears for ever! Mannings has been our favourite gage variety for many years and with its slow growing but robust nature, makes for the ideal Terrace Gage tree. It provides a good sized crop of round and very sweet fruits which are ready for eating in late August. Our trees are grafted onto a specially selected rootstock to maintain their compact character. Our Terrace Gage and Terrace Victoria Plum make the perfect matched pair to grace any terrace or patio, and the combined crops will fill the fruits bowls throughout early autumn and provide delicious conserves throughout winter months.

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.

Approximate height when delivered 60-80cm.

The plant can be maintained at 1 m high for up to 10 years.

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