The Terrace Fig.


The beauty of terrace pot cultivation is the vast range of leaf shapes and textures which can be grown. The fig of course is unmistakable in this respect. The thick lobed leaves can reach a prodigious size and provide the exotic Mediterranean feel to our outside living areas. Growing figs as standard trees is a joy as the well-proportioned trees on  thick stems provide height and structure as a foil to the more delicate plants on the terrace.

We offer plants of a selection identified by ourselves over many years which balances heavy crops with always maintaining a good leaf cover which is rare in pot grown figs. The fruits are delicious in early September through until October.  

The plants are delivered in 5ltr nursery pots with a bamboo support cane.

At the time of delivery the plant is 90cm in height and with three or more branches.

After 5 years in pot culture the tree should be up to 1.5m in height and with a spread of 1m. Figs will crop in the year of planting.

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