Terrace Cherry “Hartland”.


Many gardeners have experienced self fertile cherries for many years, although very few will have grown Hartland. This is a truly wonderful variety for growing on the terrace or patio, with a naturally slow growing compact habit and blessed with a profusion of blossom in spring which readily sets fruit. Cherries are of course a delight to eat and Hartland is as sweet and black as any grown. We further manage the vigour of this cherry by grafting it onto a specially selected rootstock which enables the long term growing of cherry in patio tubs.

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.
Approximate height when delivered : 60-80cm.

Plants delivered during November to Mid April

The terracotta pot Image shows a plant of 5 years old. The green glazed pot image shows a tree in its second year.

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