Terrace Apricot “Delicot”.


Growing apricot in UK conditions might seem an unusual idea but we can assure you, as pioneers of this fruit in the UK, that the apricot is most certainly a fruit which gardeners across the land should now be considering. Already huge crops of fruits are being recorded and harvested in the UK by both gardeners and commercial fruit growers.

This most delicious of fruits should also be strongly considered for the terrace or patio. We have selected the variety Delicot which is recognised as being one of the finest flavoured apricots by Michelin starred chefs. It is a self fertile variety, of good size and very productive. We use a dwarf peach seedling rootstock to maintain the compact size and give long lived trees. 

Delicot will be ready to harvest in mid August when the large bright orange fruits swell to the size of a standard egg. Equally delicious eaten raw or cooked, try baked in an apricot tart, or for something very special slowly dry the fruits out in a very low oven and eat with chopped almonds. A truly memorable gastronomic experience!

Plants are supplied in 4.5l nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.

Approximate height when delivered: 60-80cm.

Suggested plant size after 5 years: 1m high and 75cm spread.
Image shows a plant after 4 years.

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