Terrace Almond “Robijn”.


Almond blossom is one of the great joys of early spring. Our selection bares fruits of good size and flavour whilst flowers of perfect candyfloss pink are borne in profusion during early spring. The compact growing habit, self-fertility and almost complete resistance to peach leaf curl disease make this a perfect fruit for terrace growing. 

The fruits of the almond tree form very rapidly after the gorgeous flowers have set, and remain much the same size throughout the summer months. In early September the peach like husk starts to split open and reveal the hard shelled nut. The delicious kernel which sits inside the hard shell has a very intense almond flavour. Try grinding the almonds and sprinkling over the top a trifle for that special Sunday lunch dessert.

Plants are supplied in 4.5l nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.

The approximate height when delivered is 60-80cm

Estimated plant size after 5 years: 1m high and 1m spread.

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