Terrace Morello Cherry.


Most of us have at least one north facing wall to contend with when planning our terrace gardens. Whilst there is a limited amount of flowering plants that do well in that situation, fruits do not normally thrive on a northerly aspect, except of course for the Morello Cherry! Needing much lower light levels to set fruit and ripen than its close sweet cherry relatives, the Morello is the perfect fruit tree to plant, providing a delightful visual backdrop to the northerly aspect of the terrace.

Our selection is the Crown Morello, a slightly larger fruited variety.

The fruits have an almost almond flavour and are a delicious addition to the mid summer kitchen when cherry pies or hot poached cherries with vanilla ice cream end the perfect summer dinner. For that extra treat, very lightly poach the cherry and take out the stone. Make a simple fondant icing out of marshmallows and then roll in chocolate powder.  Delishhhh!!!

Plants are supplied as very well branched bare-rooted maiden plants from November until the end of April.

Height when delivered is between 1mtr and 1.3mtr.

The eventual size of the tree is very adaptable to the space needed. I have seen fully grown fan Morello trees spread to over 9m., but equally there are splendid trees of just 2m. spread. 

The image shows trees of 15 years old.

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