Grape “Phoenix” (White Fruits) Vine.


The arbour and trellis are often the finishing touches to the terrace and patio, and can act as picture frame for our outside living space. Although there is a huge range of very suitable flowering plants which can use the arbour and trellis to show off their beauty, we think that the humble grape vine should be considered up there with the best of them! Phoenix give great crops of long hanging bunches which have very high sugar levels making them a delicious treat to graze on as you enjoy your terrace in the late summer and early autumn sun. This variety has been selected due to its very high disease resistance to mildew, giving perfect leaf throughout the growing season. Grapes are very easy to manage on a trellis or arbour and the twisting stems with their shedding layers of bark in the winter months give all year round attraction.  As the crops from a single vine growing along a 3 mtr arbour can be very considerable at maybe 75 bunches of fruits, try slowly drying some bunches in a very low heat oven for your own dried fruits for the Christmas cakes and puddings. They are delicious!

Plants are supplied in 4.5 litre nursery pots with a supporting bamboo cane.
Approximate height when delivered: 1m 30cm.

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