Terrace Flowering Cherry “Iford Cherry”.


We came upon this most delightful plant back in 1999, saving it from extinction and since then we have propagated many thousands of plants. Iford is a truly beautiful flowing cherry which gives an amazing display of pale shell pink blossom in early April, lasting for around 3 weeks. Whilst the flowers themselves are reason enough to grow this plant, the almost entirely weeping habit of the tree makes it so special. In its natural habitat the Iford Cherry will grow along rather than up! By supporting the tree we have captured the weeping habit of this wonderful cherry, reminiscent of an oriental garden, which is indeed where it is thought to have originated in the 19th century.. As the tree grows the branches will continue to grow in a prostrate fashion and given time, will spread along the floor providing a carpet of flowers which is a delight to see and experience.  As summer gives way to Autumn the Iford Cherry has one last gift to us, as the leaves turn to yellow and rust colour which look delightful on both the tree and having fallen onto the terrace paving like drops of amber.

Plants supplied as bare root with a supporting cane from November till April.  

Upon delivery the plants will be 90cm -1.2m in height. 

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