Discovery Apple

Discovery Apple

70-90 cm tree in a 4.5ltr pot

All year


Noun flower 889434 green


After many years of observations, we think that Discovery is in the Top Ten of apples that grow best in pots and containers. One of the easiest varieties to crop and look after, Discovery has a natural resistance to many common disease and will give bright red fruits year after year. Pick and eat straight from the tree when the fruits are completely red and the flesh is tinged pink. Magnificent!


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Botanical name: Malus domestica "Discovery"
Ideal location & conditions: Full sun/partial shade
Size after 5 years: 1.25m x 1m
Soil: Soil based compost
Flowering colour: Pale pink
Flowering period: Late April - mid May
Fruit harvest period: Late July - early August

Our Will started his long career in fruit growing in the late 60s in the middle of Essex at a very famous fruit nursery. The apple variety Discovery was, by then, starting to take over as the first good eating variety of the season. The variety had been raised a bit further north than Will’s nursery at Langham (near to Colchester) in 1949 by a chap named George Dummer. George, (who ,incidentally, only had one arm), was a farm-hand on a fruit farm and had planted a few seeds taken from a Worcester Pearmain apple. With the help of his wife, he transplanted the seedlings from the pots into his front garden. Unfortunately though, his wife somehow slipped during the planting and broke her ankle, which meant an untimely trip to the hospital. Any thoughts of planting out the seedlings were forgotten but after several weeks, George and his now fully fit wife, trooped out to the garden and finally planted out the seedlings. One of those seedlings produced what we now know as 'Discovery'.

The variety was first known as 'Dummers Seedling' and was renamed Discovery in 1962. Whoever said that fruit growing was boring?!

We love Discovery for pot growing as it has a good compact growing habit and a very good resistance to disease - not many apple varieties can claim that! The real beauty of growing Discovery at home is that you can pick it straight from the tree when it is completely ripe and bright red all over. The red colour drains back into the flesh turning it a lovely pink colour and my goodness, they are so sweet eaten like that. A real joy!

Five reasons to plant a Discovery Apple:

• Apple Pie anyone?!
• Resistant to disease (hurrah!)
• Has a good compact growing habit
• As well as tasting delicious, they look beautiful in the fruit bowl
• It was originally raised here in Essex!