Wall Trained Quince “Vranja”.


Quince Vranja is a real treat to have in the garden growing against walls and fences adjoining the terrace or patio. It can be treated as one of those plants which will perform well in nearly all UK sites. It is very easy to grow, requiring very little annual maintenance but producing masses of large white blooms and will give a wonderful casual and informal feel to the garden. Best of all though are the truly magnificent fruits which can grow to more than 500g for a single fruit. Their use in the kitchen is becoming far more common, with quince paste or quince and apple tart being our favourites. Noted for their bright yellow colour and downy autumn coat, we believe they offer something special to the terrace surround.

Trees are supplied as bare root or 4.5l potted plants dependent on the season. They are supplied with a temporary bamboo cane.

Upon delivery, the 2 yr. old trees are in excess of 1.2m and with 3 or more feathers.

The eventual height depending on growing methods can range from 1.5m-2.5m in height and from 2m-4m width.

The image shows a tree of 7 years old.

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