Terrace Bamboo Gigi.


This most delightful bamboo brings delicacy and sound to the terrace and patio. A non-invasive variety of bamboo, throwing multiple stems which after 10 years are still no thicker than a pencil and maintain a perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility providing a constantly swaying and gently singing plant to delight the senses. Although a dwarf growing variety, it reaches its natural height of just over 1m in two years and stems typically increase by four or five per year. We cannot recommend this clump forming bamboo too highly and it makes a truly wonderful addition to any terrace or patio.  

Plants are delivered in 2l nursery pots between November and April.
Approximate size of plants at delivery 50-70cm with 8 stems.
The plant featured in the image is 12 years old and is 1m 20cm high.