Many of the plants which we sell are grown here with us in the UK. However, for some plants, the best place to raise them is in either Holland or France. Over the many years of our business we have forged strong relationships with fruit breeders and nurseryman across the globe which share the same ideals as us. Together we work to improve the quality of our produce, creating a progressive and sustainable horticultural industry.

At we value our industry and the part it plays in making our world a better place to live. We and our nursery partners ensure that our workforce receive a proper living wage. We support and encourage our team to help them further their career through training programmes, ensuring a focussed and dedicated workforce.

We believe in giving back to the industry we work within. A proportion of the our revenue is donated to education and research via The Fruit Culture Trust,  a leading industry based charity,  We also invest privately in research and development, ensuring that our plants are grown to the highest health standards we can provide. 

We hope that you share the same values as us and that you gain as much enjoyment from growing our plants as we have enjoyed growing them for you.

At we draw on our knowledge of fruit growing to help you. We know the detrimental effects environment and climatic conditions can have on plant establishment. Using this knowledge we have selected the optimum delivery periods for our range of plants to increase their success.  We closely monitor the growth stages of our plants and dispatch only those which are developed enough to thrive as well as being suitable to be delivered to your home safely and in perfect condition. These quality controls ensure that our plants are dispatched at the ideal time to bring pleasure and beauty to your garden.

In a world where everything is expected to be delivered immediately, it is important to appreciate that our plants are governed by nature, so please be patient with us!